CIC Marine Cargo Insurance Platform

A product of the CIC Insurance Group, the CIC Marine Cargo Insurance Platform is a cloud based marketplace that enables the purchase and issuance of marine cargo insurance certificates in minutes.

According to section 20 of the Insurance Act 1987, Cap 487 Laws of Kenya, Revised 2013, one is legally required to insure goods with a Kenyan registered insurer unless given approval by the Commissioner of Insurance to do otherwise. The implementation of this law began on 1st January 2017 and KRA officials can only clear goods at customs after a marine cargo insurance certificate issued by a Kenyan registered insurer is submitted.

The CIC Marine Cargo Insurance Platform allows one to acquire a Marine Cargo Insurance Certificate. The platform can be accessed online and several payment methods are available including mobile money, credit cards and bank transfers. The insurance cover obtained on the platform is effective immediately payment is confirmed. Marine Cargo Insurance Certificates produced have a unique Quick Reference (QR) code attached meaning they can’t be forged.

The Marine Cargo Insurance covers loss or damage to goods and/or merchandise in transit from one place to another by sea, air, rail, road. It covers general cargo, special cargo such as perishable commodities and bulk cargo.

On the platform one can also get a free and fast marine cargo insurance quote for your consignment as well as track all your marine cargo insurance transactions and certificates conveniently.