Kingsway Tyres Launches New BFGoodrich Truck Tyre

Kingsway Tyres is the sole distributor of BFGoodrich tyres in Kenya and has been providing the BDGoodrich tyres in the 4×4 range. They are now making available the BFGoodrich truck tyre range for the region.

The BFGoodrich truck tyre portfolio will feature commercial truck tyres that cover highway, regional and on/off road applications. On offer will be the BFGoodrich Route Control and Cross Control truck tyre patterns.

BFGoodrich Route Control is designed for regional and highway use. It fights irregular wear, minimises sidewall damage and protects from road hazard damage. BFGoodrich Cross Control is designed for both on road and off road use. It ensures high grip, maximizes the casing life and reduces the risk of damage and downtime.

According to Dr. Manoj Shah(MD), the BFGoodrich truck tyres will help reduce road carnage caused by trucks driven with low quality tyres. They will also provide huge savings to truck owners in terms of downtime as well as the superb performance provided by the tyres.

The tyres can be re-treaded with the Michelin Cold Process re-treading at the Kingsway Tyres factories in Nairobi and Mombasa.