MYDAWA App: Revolutionary E-Health Solution

On 28th March 2017, the MYDAWA App was launched. It is a technology-based service that makes it possible for consumers to purchase high quality healthcare, fitness and wellness products on their mobile phones. The innovative service is a first of its kind providing a new way to buy quality medicine and health products affordably, conveniently and privately.

The MYDAWA App has the backing of Ion, an Irish private equity firm that has committed an initial Ksh 500 million to the business.

According to Dr. Dominic Kariuki, the Deputy Director Product Evaluation and Registration Directorate of the Pharmacy Poisons Board (PPB), the app will address some of the challenges experienced in the pharmaceutical industry and also provide much needed technological solutions in the healthcare sector.

The products on the app are secured by a unique and personalized authentication solution giving consumers the reassurance of quality. Products available include recognized brands and over time there will be the option for high quality MYDAWA manufactured products.

The MYDAWA App offers value for money as it does not charge any service fees, transaction or delivery costs. Consumers can access the platform by registering for free on the website or by downloading the app. They can purchase healthcare products or prescription drugs by uploading the prescription onto the platform. Payments are made via mobile money and the products are delivered to a pharmacy of their convenience.

The MYDAWA App will initially be available in Nairobi but it will expand through the rest of the country later through the year. The app is also expected to expand to other countries as it offers a digital solution to a global challenge.