Tatu City Residential Development Tatu Waters

Tatu City is to invest Ksh 35 billion for the upcoming development dubbed Tatu Waters. The development will consist of 402 two bedroom, 1,294 three bedroom and 1,019 four bedroom units constructed as either apartments or townhouses.

The project will be constructed on land Tatu City owns in Ruiru, Kiambu. It will take up 247.6 acres of the 5000 acres of Tatu City land making it one of the largest real estate projects in the country. Tatu Waters is Tatu City’s second housing project.

Special amenities that will feature include communal spaces with pools and gardens, elevators and semi underground parking. There will also be a security perimeter fence to control access. Tatu Waters will also include a bank, kindergarten, supermarket, post office, gymnasium, health centre, two substations and 5,136 parking slots.

Financing for the project is secured from local and regional equity partners as well as from Rendeavour, the majority owner and developer of Tatu City. The project is a multi year and multi phased project with the first phase expected to be completed in 2019.