AfyaSend: Increasing Access To Health Care

AfyaSend is a platform that allows one to pay for health care services online. It allows those living outside the country or in towns away from their rural homes to pay for the health care of their loved ones conveniently and securely.

AfyaSend provides a payment system that enables one to make direct payments to health care thus ensuring that money sent for health care is not diverted to other purposes.

AfyaSend provides unique packages of health care services, which are negotiated with doctors, hospitals and other service providers.

Payments can be made using credit card and Mpesa.

A corporation can make bulk purchases of packages for communities in need.

AfyaSend utilizes hospitals and doctors on the AfyaSend network.

AfyaSend will send a refund to the sponsor any funds for a package not used to provide care to the beneficiary.

Types of packages available include hospital packages, doctors’ packages, wellness packages and community packages.