First Solar: Providing Green Energy Solutions

First Solar is a company that provides high quality renewable energy solutions and energy efficiency products. Its mandate is to be Kenya’s most prominent and trusted provider of power saving solutions for residential, commercial and industrial consumers.

First Solar was incorporated in the millennium and is a Kenya Ltd company combining the efficiency of German management structure with local expertise and certified technicians to provide high quality products and services. The company’s vision is to see Kenya become a ‘Solar Nation’.

First Solar takes advantage of the abundant sunlight Kenya receives to provide clean, green energy solutions. First Solar helps one to reduce energy consumption, enables one to join the renewable sources club and helps review and monitor consumption trends to help with consumption management.

Products on offer from First Solar include solar water heaters which come in different types: integrated, split, centralized, enamel and for swimming pools. They also provide Eco lighting including solar street lights with different specifications to fit different needs.

All First Solar products come with a warranty.