From Bread To Kiosk: Recipe For Entrepreneurial Success

Bread manufacturer Broadways, through its subsidiary BroadWalk Limited, is offering entrepreneurs a chance at success. Their new initiative, the Seven2Seven kiosks, allows one to become part of a successful national brand through a franchising deal.

BroadWalk Limited takes care of the minute details including location identification, licensing, store set up and equipment installation. They also offer a training program and support along the way.

According to the group CEO, Zack Mukewa, the aim is to create a shopping revolution. The suitably located and well stocked outlets will, according to Mukewa, bring the fun and ease back into shopping through a franchise model by giving shoppers what they want, when they want and at the price they want.

To be eligible for the franchise deal one needs to have at least 1 year of retail business experience and an initial investment of Ksh 75,000. If selected and after signing the contract, one undergoes a 5 day training program with Strathmore University on finance and book keeping, entrepreneurship, health and hygiene, customer relations, basic ethical and legal acumen and consumer product knowledge. Afterwards, if one has a site, then the store is prepared and installed, otherwise one is placed on a waiting list for a site.

The first batch of 10 Seven2Seven stores has already been rolled out in Nairobi and Kiambu counties. The plan is to expand through other parts of Nairobi and Kiambu as well as into Machakos, Murang’a, Meru, Nyeri and Nakuru counties in the initial phase.

Kiosks used to dot every corner of residential spaces but this has changed with the encroachment of large supermarkets near estates. It is hoped that the Seven2Seven kiosks while providing employment opportunities will also make shopping as enjoyable and hospitable as it used to be.