Security in Kenya, Crossover With Harleen Jabbal talks to Brian Sagala

Brian Sagala: Group Head of Sales and Marketing for BM Security

5th June, 2017

Security is an issue that can make or break a business. Harleen Jabbal of the Crossover Kenya show sat down with Brian Sagala of BM Security to talk more about the issue.

BM Security is a local security company that has been in operation for 34 years. They provide security solutions ranging from manned guarding to technological solutions, for both the corporate and private sectors.

According to Brian, security starts with the individual where on needs to take precaution on their own. However an invest still needs to be made to ensure complete protection. Unfortunately, people still prefer to go for the cheaper option especially when it comes to hiring guards for the home.

According to Brian, the pay for guards needs to reach a balance between fair pay for the guard as well as what the customer is willing to pay. At BM Security, they strive to pay the guards well and provide high quality service while still meeting market expectations. Basically, you get what you pay for.

In regards to the upcoming elections, BM Security has taken measures to ensure that in case of anything, they are prepared to provide their services as usual. To this end, they have a backup centers as well as a series of remote sites set up.

Brains journey into the security industry is an interesting one. He has a BSc in Mathematics as well as a Masters in Communication. Initially, Brian had thought that he would become a professional rugby player. He played for the national under 19 and under 23 teams. Ultimately, he needed to go into the professional world which he actually found to be quite similar to sports. As in sports one needs practice, teamwork, discipline, personal passion and to listen well to the leader in order to succeed in a desk job.

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