The Food Business in Kenya, Crossover with Harleen Jabbal talks to Gurmit Thethy

Gurmit Thethy: Founder and CEO, Gee Tee Industries

3rd July, 2017

The name Gee Tee comes from its founder and CEO, Gurmit Thethy who sat down with Harleen Jabbal of Crossover Kenya to talk about his company.

According to Gurmit, the food industry has its challenges especially when it comes to personal taste and health consciences. He needed to do a lot of research before setting up his company. In the midst of it, he found out that many companies lack innovation as they are loathe of leaving their comfort zones. Gurmit focuses on looking at things from the consumer’s point of view. This helps him get an understanding of whether a product will sell.

The decision of making a product from the raw material to the finished product came from the need for control of the entire process. Additionally, Gurmit wished to promote local industry and local raw materials with a made in Kenya product rather than promoting an imported foreign product. Being part of each stage of production creates excitement as well as the chance to grow and develop.

Gee Tee industries picked potato crisps as their starting product. They have two types on offer: Dellitos and Ropogos. They are available in some supermarkets and plan to be available countrywide soon. The company is also in talks with distributors in the East African region as well as Dubai. Gurmit plans for Gee Tee industries to be a brand leader in the region with its products available throughout the continent and globally.

Gurmit sees himself as a fun person. Fun helps one look at things differently, even in stressful situations. He has incorporated this philosophy of fun into his company. Fun here is in terms of enjoyment of the work and overall happiness.

17 years as an employee helped Gurmit to get a view of how he would treat his own employees. He aims at being a leader rather than a boss and believes in self-analysis for personal learning and growth.

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