What it Takes to Look after the Old, Crossover With Harleen Jabbal talks to Shruti Shah

Shruti Shah: Founder, Arama

31st July, 2017

Shruti Shah, founder of Arama sat down with Harleen Jabbal of the Crossover Kenya show to speak about her startup.

Arama is a startup geared towards the elderly. They plan to open a centre in Westlands where one can visit for a few hours, a few days or remain for the rest of their life. The centre will provide flexible options catered to the individual. Arama is a word that has the meaning of spring and relaxation. The idea for Arama came about when Shruti realized that the elderly in the country do not have a lot of options in terms of activities to engage in or places to go suitable for them. Most only have the option of engaging in activities provided by religious or community centres.

For Shruti, she does not believe that life ends when one turns 60 or 70 years old. Through Arama, she wishes to provide options for the elderly through a balance of social engagement, personal development and good health to help one age gracefully. One of the challenges Shruti has faced in her journey is the stigma placed on such a centre for the elderly. According to her, ageism is the most acceptable form of discrimination in our society. Through Arama, she wishes to dispel the view that the old equals frail and sick. A centre like Arama is important especially when you consider that we are living longer. It is also a place that can bring the young and old together and enable them to share ideas and experiences for mutual benefit.

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