Security is Important For You and Your Business Crossover with Harleen Jabbal talks to Hooria Chisti

Dr. Hooria Chisti: Managing Director, Senaca International

8th August, 2017

Senaca International is a global risk management company that provides end to end solutions for any company’s safety and security needs. Its Managing Director, Dr. Chisti sat down with Harleen Jabbal of the Crossover Kenya show for an insightful conversation on cyber security and entrepreneurship. Dr. Chisti mentions that there are only 3 security companies in the world that are 100% led by female entrepreneurs and Senaca International is one of them. The company has been in Africa for 8 years with its headquarters in Kenya and a full East African presence.

When it comes to cyber security and hacking in particular, Dr. Chisti speaks about three types of hackers. There are the white-hat hackers whose work has led to innovations in the World Wide Web. There are the hacktavists such as those behind the wiki-leaks who show the risk that can be found on the internet. Third are the black-hat hackers who cause harm to people, systems and organisations. In this day and age, everything around use is connected; our phones, watches, TVs and that connection opens us up to hackers. According to Dr. Chisti, cyber security does not have to be complicated or expensive.

For personal security, one needs to secure ones passwords. Do not use one password for all your accounts. Be aware of who you allow onto your network and be mindful of your digital footprint. For corporates, separating networks is the way to go. One network can be open to the outside world while a second network can be dedicated to the company’s communications and sensitive information. Both corporates and individuals also need to continuously update their software and anti-virus packages because hackers continuously innovate and improve their methods.

As an entrepreneur, Dr. Chisti feels that her academic background has been a hindrance to her development as it taught her mind not to take risks. To be an entrepreneur on needs to be willing to take risks which leads to a long, painful journey that requires perseverance; but at the end of it one finds success. Dr. Chisti’s advice from personal experience is to have an emotional attachment to everything to do with your business. Tune in to this very engaging and insightful conversation and learn more about Dr. Chisti, her journey with Senaca, cyber-crime and bit coin and what it really takes to be an entrepreneur.

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