Celebrate Whiskey Sour Day At Lemon Lounge

World Whiskey Sour Day is around the corner. It is usually celebrated on 25th August but some observe it on 29th August. It is a celebration of an incredible drink comprised of some unusual combinations.

The first documented reference of the Whiskey Sour was in a Wisconsin newspaper in 1870. In 1962, the Universidad del Cuyo published a story crediting a man named Eliott Stubb for creating the Whiskey Sour in 1872. The sour part of the drink is attributed to Vice Admiral Edward Vernon of England who began mixing a few ingredients together to serve to his crew and added lemon or lime juice to the mix.

In Kenya, the best place to celebrate Whiskey Sour Day is at the Lemon Lounge.

The Lemon Lounge is restaurant, lounge and bar offering a full menu catering to vegetarians and non-vegetarians plus cocktails, coffees, shisha and more. It is located in Springette in the suburbs of Spring Valley.

Lemon Lounge is the place to go to enjoy a great drink at any one of its various seating areas. There is a classy bar for a quick drink and two lounge areas with a projector and TV. There is also outside seating that overlooks some greenery and a patio for private parties.

Lemon Lounge has an extensive whiskey menu from Glenlivets, Singletons, Coal Ila, Glenmorangie, Glenfiddich, Black Label, Double Black, Famous Grouse and Jameson.

The basic Whiskey Sour is made of a base spirit, water, sugar and a citrus element, usually a lemon. Some recipes suggest Maraschino cherries and a dash of egg white.

At the Lemon Lounge, they make the Whiskey Sour with or without the egg white depending on customer preference. The egg white version makes for a creamier and frothier drink. Customers at the Lemon Lounge are allowed their pick of whiskey to make the cocktail as they would prefer.

Visit the Lemon Lounge and celebrate Whiskey Sour Day in style.