Celebrate Burger Day At J’s Fresh Bar and Kitchen

World Burger Day, celebrated on 31st August is a day of appreciation for hamburgers. The term hamburger is derived from the city of Hamburg, Germany. Beef from Hamburg cows was minced and formed into patties to make Hamburg steak. While the burger patties originated in Hamburg, it is unclear whether the burger as we know it today originated in Germany or the USA.

Celebrate Burger Day at J’s Fresh Bar and Kitchen. The company started in 2015 with J’s Karen. Its core menu was implemented by Julian Nicholls who was trained by Gordon Ramsay and Mitch Tonks in London. On October 2016, J’s Westlands branch was opened.

At J’s, you can sample a variety of burgers in celebration of World Burger Day. Their most popular burger is the J’s Ultimate Chuck Steak Burger made with seasoned prime beef mince, lettuce, red onions, crunchy pickles and provolone cheese, served with homemade paprika fries.

Also on offer are the fish burger made with beer battered red snapper, the chicken burger and for vegetarians, J’s offers their veggie burger made with beetroot, tofu, cashews and kidney beans and served with lettuce, onions, tomatoes and pickles.

Apart from their delicious burgers, J’s also has some scrumptious starters such as J’s Mango wood smoked shellfish and salads including their quinoa salad. For desert, you can have the delicious chocolate lava, sticky toffee pudding and more.

All meals can be accompanied with a refreshing alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink from J’s bar.

Go on, mark burger day deliciously at J’s Fresh Bar and Kitchen.