Reducing the Cost of Meals for Kenyan Employees Crossover with Harleen Jabbal talks to Neil Ribeiro

Neil Ribeiro of Sodexo

23rd August, 2017

Neil Ribeiro of Sodexo recently sat down with Harleen Jabbal of the Crossover Kenya show to talk about his company.

Sodexo is a French company that operates in 80 countries across the world. It is the 19th largest employer worldwide. Sodexo has a division called Benefits and Rewards which looks for ways for employers to keep their employees motivated.

Sodexo’s entry into Kenya came about due to a change in the law that allowed employers to pay employees Ksh 4,000 a month towards meals, tax free. Employers then had the choice of setting up a cafeteria or canteen which is full of hassles; or they could ask their employees to bring their receipts. This would be difficult as most Kenyans eat in places that do not give out formal receipts.

This is where Sodexo comes in. They provide an electronic meal voucher called Mkula which the employees can use to pay for meals.

In Kenya, productivity drops later in the work day because many workers skip lunch and thus have less fuel to get them through the entire working day. The Sodexo meal voucher helps to address this issue by ensuring that employees consume the necessary amount of meals. A well fed employee is also healthier and therefore calls in sick less often.

Sodexo have another product called Mtuza. It is a gift voucher that will be accepted across a variety of stores as opposed to just one store. It will be launched in September.

Tune in to Crossover with Harleen Jabbal and find out more about Sodexo, Neil and the benefits of technological innovations.

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