The Clothes Business in Kenya Crossover with Harleen Jabbal talks to Agnes Munuve

Agnes Munuve, Owner of Tess Fashions

27th August, 2017

Harleen Jabbal sat down with Agnes Munuve of Tess Fashion to find out more about her clothing company.

Tess Fashions began 13 years ago. The company’s name came from Agnes’s first born daughter who also loves fashion. Agnes herself got interested in fashion because of her late mother who was into fashion.

Agnes is self-taught and has a passion for fashion with a good eye and vision for what works and an ability to come up with her own creative designs.

Agnes sources her materials from Nairobi Textiles and Kampala. She believes that Kenya has a future in the fashion industry in terms of Kenyan made attire. This will need support from Kenyans themselves to appreciate and accept Kenyan made clothes.

The second hand industry isn’t much of a threat to Agnes. This is because Kenyans love uniqueness. With second hand clothing, there is a danger of several people having the same outfit. This is why many Kenyans prefer bespoke designs such as those from Tess Fashions.

Tess Fashions is all inclusive making Western wear and African attire for all occasions.

One of the challenges Agnes has faced in her business is the last minute habit that many Kenyans have. They come in expecting a bespoke garment to be made instantly disregarding the fact that such a creation takes time to complete especially if you take into account the fittings that would need to be done.

In her work, Agnes finds inspiration from the fashion sense of First Lady Margaret Kenyatta.

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