Eco Packaging Kenya: Best Alternative To Plastic Bags

The ban on plastic bags in Kenya came into effect on 28th August 2017. Since then, Kenyans have had to quickly adapt or face a Ksh 4 million fine if found in violation of the ban. They have had to find alternatives to plastic bags. One of the companies providing these alternatives is Eco Packaging.

Eco Packaging is Kenya’s leading manufacturer and supplier of environment friendly paper bags and sacks. Their products have quality, are durable, have a lasting finish and are biodegradable and recyclable.

Some of their products include grocery bags, gift bags, flat paper handle carrier bags that can handle up to 3kg, grease proof paper bags suitable for the fast food industry, millinery or post bags, net bags suitable for fruits and much more. They also offer custom printing and packaging.

Eco Packaging is in support of the ban as plastic bags are a great environmental hazard. Removing them from daily use will be of great benefit to the environment.

The ban on plastic bags has had a positive impact on Eco Packaging such that they are now facing the challenge of meeting the abrupt high demand.

Plastic bags have been part of our everyday lives for a long time. Before the ban, it seemed impossible to do without them. But now that the ban is in effect, we have no choice but to adapt for the sake of the environment. The varieties of products offered by Eco Packaging are available to make the transition into ecofriendly packaging that much easier.