The Big Slash by Multichoice Kenya

There was a big hue and cry when Multichoice had announced an increase in their subscription rates. The reason for the increase was blamed on the devaluation of the Kenyan currency in regards to the US dollar and the fact that Multichoice input costs are in US dollars.

However, Multichoice could no longer ignore the cries of their customers and have announced a reduction in their DSTv subscription rates effective 1st September 2017.

According to Multichoice Kenya Managing Director, Eric Odipo, Kenyans are going through tough economic times. Multichoice wishes to reward its customers for their ongoing loyalty and support by adjusting their prices to make their DSTv packages more affordable. The price reduction is also attributed to the stability of the Kenyan shilling against the US dollar.

With the price reduction the Premium package will cost Ksh 7,900 down from Ksh 8,180; Compact Plus will cost Ksh 5,200 down from Ksh 5,425. Compact which was Ksh 3,550 will now cost Ksh 3,200 while Access will see a price drop from Ksh 1,050 to Ksh 950.

This is good news for DSTv subscribers who will now enjoy a variety of entertainment and sports programming at lower prices.