Making Beauty Products in Kenya Crossover with Harleen Jabbal talks to Jasneel Dhanjal

Jasneel Dhanjal, Managing Director D’vine

5th September, 2017

The Crossover Show with host Harleen Jabbal sat down with Managing Director Jasneel Dhanjal to talk about D’vine, a skin care product brand.

The company was started by Jasneel’s aunt who is a skin care therapist by profession. Her aunt found importing skin care products into the country expensive and so decided to start manufacturing her own products. Jasneel joined her later on and they have been in business together for the past seven years.

The name D’vine comes from the reaction most people have when they catch whiff of their products. They say it smells divine or heavenly, and this became the inspiration for the name of the brand.

The company faced some challenges along the way especially as they tried to penetrate the Kenyan market. Most Kenyans know and trust international brands and it has been difficult to change that mindset and make them see that quality products can be produced in Kenya. Sourcing for materials is also challenging as a lot of the ingredients need to be imported from abroad.

D’vine has a manufacturing facility in Lavington where they produce a skin care, body care and spa line. Their spa line supplies a number of spas in Nairobi and Mombasa as well as internationally.

The success of D’vine can be attributed to the amazing and passionate team behind it that has been involved since the get go. D’vine is what it is because of their passion about skin.

For Jasneel, what drives her is her enjoyment in her work. She loves what she does, and every day in the office brings on new and exciting challenges.

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