White Chocolate Day With Absolute Chocolate

Chocolate has been around for a long time, being consumed as a beverage as far back as 1900 BCE. However, it was only in 1930 when Nestle invented the Milky Bar and white chocolate was born.

The best way to celebrate White Chocolate Day is to go out and indulge in the delicious treat with a taste of some artisan chocolate from Absolute Chocolate Limited.



Absolute Chocolate Limited was setup in 2014 with the idea of introducing gourmet chocolate into the Kenyan market. Each piece of chocolate is handcrafted with an attention to detail turning the process into a form of art producing wonderful, rich and creamy masterpieces that satisfy the soul.

The company has steadily been growing and is now in the process of setting up a Chocolate Café at the Village Market.






The artisanal chocolatiers from Absolute Chocolate view white chocolate as a versatile type of chocolate, especially due to its white colour. It can be turned into any colour and can be used to bring out the brightness of colourful pralines. It also has a creamy, milky taste on the palate.

Popular flavours offered by Absolute Chocolate include mint chip, coconut, vanilla, coffee, crème brûlée, strawberry cheesecake, just to name a few.

Celebrate White Chocolate Day with a delicious masterpiece from Absolute Chocolate.