Orange Pharma, A Top 100 Mid Sized Company

Orange Pharma Ltd was started in 2012 by Mr. Miraj Dodhia & Mr.Deepesh Shah out of a passion for the pharmaceutical business.

The company distributes and markets a wide range of over the counter pharmaceutical products and household goods. Some of their well-known products include Kaluma and Sona Moja


In 2016, Orange Pharma Ltd was named as one of the Top 100 Mid Sized companies in Kenya. According to Mr. Shah, they owe this success to good management as well as improved growth in the company in terms of sales and personnel. From 7 employees at their inception, the company now employs 80+ people. The recognition improved the company’s image as well as providing new networking opportunities.


The major challenge Orange Pharma has faced was putting together enough capital to start the company. They needed to purchase their own property as a pharmaceutical business cannot be run on rented premises. Another challenge they face is the hassle of permits to be able to deliver goods to other counties in the country.

Orange Pharma plan to start manufacturing their own products in future. They also plan to venture into the East African market.