From Corporate Finance to Events Crossover with Harleen Jabbal talks to Nimit Shah

Nimit Shah, Director of Event House Limited

Crossover with Harleen Jabbal sat down with Nimit Shah to talk about Event House Limited.

The business was started by Nimit’s mother who has been doing events for the last 15 years. Nimit joined the business 3 years ago and rebranded it from Floral Heritage to Event House Limited: all your events under one roof.

On July 2014, Nimit handled his first event, a birthday party. With no experience, he was thrown into the deep end of the events business and managed to learn a lot by overcoming the challenge. He has made great progress in the years since that first event.

At Event House Limited, the aim is to create an immersive and memorable experience for the guest. It is not just about the product but also the service. With so many elements involved in putting an event together, it is impossible to have it at 100%. There is always room for improvement. In spite of this, Nimit fondly recalls destination wedding events at Diani beach that were executed close to perfection.

Event House Limited is a full service events company that deals with conceptualization, implementation and execution of the event, whether it be for 20 or 2,000 guests. They specialize in weddings but are also able to handle other events such as birthday parties, graduation parties, corporate events and more.

Challenges Nimit faces in his business is the general perception people have of the events industry. They view it as an easy avenue to a quick buck. A lot of companies set up, promise big and deliver nothing which hurts the image of the entire industry. According to Nimit, one is only as good as your last event. Event companies therefore need to put in the hard work it takes to deliver the product as requested by the client.

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