Become a happy, fulfilled entrepreneur Crossover with Harleen talks to Barbara Okeyo

Barbara Okeyo, Founder and CEO of Restoration Experience Africa.

Crossover with Harleen Jabbal sat down with Barbara Okeyo, the Founder and CEO of Restoration Experience Africa.

Restoration Experience is a wellness enterprise that customizes and curates programs, events and workshops that aim towards rejuvenating the mind, body and soul. The vision of the enterprise is to inspire a personal awakening in the hearts and minds of professionals in Africa.

The concept for the company came about from Barbara’s personal experience. She worked in corporate for 6-7 years and was a workaholic with a crazy schedule. Despite being good at her job, she didn’t feel any fulfillment or happiness and she started looking for something else she could do to make an impact on other people’s lives.

Her very first workshop came to fruition out of a casual meeting she had with her friends. She broached the idea to them and they urged her on leading her to find a venue and start marketing the workshop herself through her social networks. In the end, she managed to get 30 ladies in attendance in the very first workshop that still holds a special place in her heart.

Through the workshops, she has come to gain insight on some of the challenges that affect African women. One of them is socialisation and upbringing. Many women are taught to remain silent and just look pretty. This affects women in corporate situations as they find it challenging to speak up for themselves which can lead to frustration. Fortunately, women have started to realize their own worth and what they bring to the table and more and more of them are speaking up.

According to Barbara, there is no so called ‘right path’. If you are doing something fulfilling and that makes you happy, then you are on the right path. She advises seeking out professional coaches who will help with your growth and with their guidance; you are less likely to make mistakes.

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