From the Rifle Range to the Boardroom Crossover with Harleen Jabbal talks to Gurpreet Dhanjal.

Gurpreet Dhanjal, Managing Director Colortunes Kenya Limited

Crossover with Harleen Jabbal sat down with the Managing Director of Colortunes Kenya Limited, Gurpreet  Dhanjal.

Gurpreet became a shareholder of the company in his mid-twenties out of a combination of opportunity and luck. He initially joined the company as a graphic designer. In 2005, he proceeded to head the finance department. In 2006, he caught a lucky break as the then owners decided to migrate to the UK and gave him an option to share hold into the business.

According to Gurpreet, drive for a business comes from having personal interest and enjoyment in it. For Gurpreet, he derives a lot of enjoyment from branding rally cars and getting to meet some of the drivers.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is difficult. It is especially hard to acquire the capital necessary to start a business. Gurpreet advises that you can join an established company and get into shareholding instead of starting something from scratch.

It has not all been smooth sailing. In 2008, Colortunes decided to change location from Industrial Area to Embakasi. This led to a loss of 70% of their clientele as most found the new location too far. The company needed to restructure its business model to attract corporates and deal in bulk instead of depending on individual clients.

Gurpreet advises businesses to advertise. You could have a great product but if you do not advertise and market it then it will lose the chance to succeed.

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