Truth: All the good men are already taken, CrossOver with Harleen Jabbal Talks to Chris Hart

Chris Hart, Relationship expert.

Harleen Jabbal of the Crossover Show sat down with Relationship Expert Chris Hart to examine the state of relationships in Kenya.

Chris Hart commented that there has been a change in the current relationship scene in that people are spending more of their lives single. They are spending more time alone and dating casually and for fun. Women particularly have changed dramatically. Previously, women were the ones looking for spouses but now they are out there looking for fun just like men.

These days, office romances are inevitable. As people start looking around for life partners, someone who is similar to them, the office becomes an inevitable location for spouse hunting.

How do you go about starting the relationship to lead to marriage? By flirting. However, there is a thin line between flirting and harassment. Flirting needs to be subtle and skillful and the parties involved need to decide on the ground rules to ensure no one feels or is harassed.

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