It’s All About Persistence, Crossover With Harleen Jabbal Talks to Alix Grubel

Alix Grubel, Founder of Kenya Buzz. 

Alix Grubel sat down with Harleen Jabbal, host of the Crossover show to talk about her entrepreneurial journey.

Alix is the founder of KenyaBuzz Ltd. With a BA in Economics and a Masters in Public Health, she had been working in Kenya for ten years for USAID and USADID contractors. When her employer lost their contract, she lost her job. Alix decided to take a year off but a few months into her break, she got bored and started KenyaBuzz.

She realized there was a gap in the market, that there was a need for a platform telling people where all the events were.

The beginning of her journey with KenyaBuzz was difficult because at the time, Kenya did not have a lot of websites and internet access was a challenge giving Alix and KenyaBuzz a rough start.

KenyaBuzz operated on a shoestring budget for a long time and grew organically with no outside investment. For Alix, it has always been about persistence and powering on past challenges.

Find out more about Aliz Grubel, her journey with KenyaBuzz and what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur by tuning in to Crossover with Harleen Jabbal.

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