New Year’s Wishes: 7 New Resolutions

  1. Learn something new each day – whether it’s a new word or the meaning of the Qatar flag, learning something new each gives you a better understanding of the world.
  2. Read more books – this is one resolution to make and keep each year
  3. Start saving money – for a car, your own place to live, expanding your business or your nest egg, it’s always a good idea to have something saved away
  4. Learn to cook – healthy on the body and the wallet
  5. Watch less T.V – this ties in to resolution 1 and 2
  6. Volunteer – nothing feels better than spending some time helping someone else
  7. Take a trip – give your mind and spirit a rest by changing your environment with a trip away. It can be a quick weekend getaway or a week long vacay. Whatever it is, in 2018, make sure to take some time away.