Joining The Wine Industry Was A Choice, Crossover with Harleen Jabbal talks to Victoria Munywoki.

Victoria Munywoki, Owner Ethnovino. 

Halrleen Jabbal sat down with sommelier Victoria Munywoki to find out more about her journey.

According to Victoria, a sommelier has traditionally being viewed as a wine steward or wine waiter in charge of selection and service of wine in restaurants. Now, the term is used to describe a wine professional who does not necessarily work in a restaurant.

Victoria’s background is in the corporate and education sectors. In 2000, she had her first glass of wine and made the choice to venture into the world of wine. She signed up for formal courses and got experience from visiting vineyards and working in the sector which led her to starting her own company.

In the past five years, Victoria has been working locally with different industry players with the aim to grow the wine industry and culture in Kenya. Kenya is one of the few wine producing countries in Africa, managing to grow award winning wine in difficult conditions.

According to Victoria, the best wine is your best experience. Aged wine is so costly because of the high cost of production. However, the price is worth it as aged wine is more round and has complex flavours.

Currently, there is a buzz in the wine world with fashion wine of non-traditional colours. There is now available, blue and orange wine that are the usual white wines with a bit of natural pigmentation added to it.

Victoria has great passion and optimism for the growing wine culture and industry in Kenya. Her advice to anyone interested in the business of wine is to not take shortcuts and to learn as much as possible.

Find out more about Victoria and her journey as well as the growing wine industry in Kenya by tuning in to the Crossover Show with Harleen Jabbal.

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