A Primary School Play Started It All, Crossover with Harleen Jabbal talks to Charlie Karumi

Charlie Karumi, Actor, TV and Radio Presenter and Vlogger

Harleen Jabbal of the Crossover Show sat down with Charlie Karumi to find out more about his exciting acting career.

Charlie introduces himself as an actor, TV and radio presenter and vlogger. Acting came first for him in the form of a school play during his final year in primary school. He followed his passion in high school by appearing in plays there as well, mainly as the female character. Before joining university, he acted in two episodes of the local drama Changes which was his first paying gig which officially launched his acting career.

For TV and radio presenting as well as vlogging, they are forums where he gets to share his art and personality with the world. TV presenting has taken him to South Africa through a competition in which he came up as second runners up. The experience taught him more about presenting as well as giving him a glimpse of what it was like for a true star which increased his motivation to continue on his path as an actor and entertainer.

One of Charlie’s most notable projects thus far has been his role in the short film Watu Wote. The film is based on a true story about a terrorist attack in Northern Kenya where a bus was hijacked and the Muslim passengers protected their fellow Kenyans. Charlie played the role of a terrorist. The film by German students in conjunction with a Kenyan crew managed to win an award at the student Oscar awards and is in contention for the student category at the 2018 Oscar awards.

According to Charlie, if you are talented, then you will know people and people will know you. His advice is to always keep moving and working, whether it is paid or unpaid work, always keep working.

Charlie looks up to Larry Madowo and Amina Abdi in the local scene and always tries to get advice from industry players.

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