Oxford University Press Supporting New Curriculum Through Training

Oxford University Press East Africa (OUP) has announced that they will train over 7,500 lower primary school teachers in line with the new competence-based curriculum introduced this year.  The programme will start in January and will be completed by April 2018.

According to its press release, OUP will hold 50 workshops across the country, of which 30 will be co-sponsored with partners, ApBEt (Alternative Provision of Basic Education and Training), the Kenya Private Schools Association (KPSA) and the Ministry of Education (MoE).  The co-sponsored training programmes will enhance the current ongoing sub-county teachers training programmes.

The company has also developed a number of free support materials for teachers and will conduct free online training for their professional development.  The online training will be open to parents to help them understand the changes in the competence-based curriculum.

“OUP has been working in education in Africa for 100 years and it has vast experience and deep understanding of competency-based curricula.” said OUP General Manager, John Mwazemba.

The new curriculum will be introduced in a phased approach, in 2019, the system is expected to be rolled out in Standard Four to Six and in 2020 it will cover Standard Seven, Eight and Form One. In 2021, the system will be extended to Form Two only and in the following year it will cover Form Three. In 2023, it will be rolled out in Form Four.

“As a leader in the field of education, OUP has made efforts to meet the growing demand and new thinking to help the learner develop 21st century skills. We believe that great things happen when schools, teachers and engaged parents work together to support children,”  John Mwazemba, concluded.