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Africa is known to be the financial green frontier and East Africa has seen multiple years of stability in terms of governance and economies. With similar local and region market, franchising model becomes the most logical business model for organization to use for scaling up both intra country and inter region.

Franchise4Africa being in the East Africa region since 2013 has gained the knowledge, expertise and capability to plan, create and execute your franchise model. One of the key elements in a franchise is the brand and the support the franchise needs in marketing. In order to provide its clients a comprehensive services which entails knowledge and execution including marketing and branding, Franchise4Africa has joined hands with Cross Over Kenya as a Branding and Digital Media Partner.

Cross Over Kenya has been established since 2011 and worked with several SMEs and Corporates for their Branding, Digital Media and Public Relations.

Both Franchise4Africa and Cross Over Kenya are excited about this partnership, which, is expected to reach out to a wider network within Kenya and East Africa. The present focus is to assist established business and brands to expand with in Kenya and East Africa using franchise as a business model.

Franchise4Africa has already had clients from different industries such as IT, Automotive, Retail and more. With Cross Over Kenya they aim to reach out to more SMEs who can benefit from meeting their customers countrywide in Kenya especially through the County system.

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