OUPEA Launches Teacher’s Resource Book

On 20th February 2018, Oxford University Press East Africa launched their free teacher’s resource book for Early Years Education (EYE). Dubbed the Teacher’s Companion, the books have been published with the aim of equipping Kenyan teachers with skills they will need to effectively play the role of a facilitator in a classroom in the new Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) environment.

The Teacher’s Companion has been developed in conjunction with KICD-trained curriculum experts and teacher trainers. “As a leader in the field of education, OUP has made efforts to meet the growing demand and new thinking to help the learner develop 21st century skills. We believe that great things happen when schools, teachers and engaged parents work together to support children,” said OUP General Manager, John Mwazemba.

Ministry of Education, Director-General, Mr. Chacha Mwita (right) launched the free ‘Teachers Companion’ resource books for Early Years Education ( EYE), published by Oxford University Press East Africa . Looking on is OUPEA General Manager, Mr. Mwazemba

OUP will also train over 7,500 lower primary teachers in line with the newly introduced competence-based curriculum. The training program which started in January will end in April 2018. Additionally, OUP is holding 50 workshops across the country, of which 30 will be co-sponsored with partners, ApBEt (Alternative Provision of Basic Education and Training), the Kenya Private Schools Association (KPSA) and the Ministry of Education (MoE). The co-sponsored training programmes will complement the current on-going sub-county teachers training programmes.

The company has also conducted free online training for teachers’ professional development and will conduct training for parents to help them understand the changes in the competence-based curriculum.

According to Mr. Mwazemba, the Teacher’s Companion provides more information than can be found in the teacher’s guide as it delves into the theories behind the new curriculum. The companion is free in on effort to support teachers and add value to them. Mr. Mwazemba added that the books will be distributes by OUP sales representatives as they visit schools and they will also be handed out to teachers when they attend OUP seminars. The Teacher’s Companion is also available in CD format and can be downloaded from the OUP website.

Crossover Kenya had a chance to speak to Mr. Mwazemba. Here is what he had to say about the resource book;