Workstyle Africa: Office Space Solution For Entrepreneurs

Employment opportunities are few and far between. Many people are turning to self-employment and entrepreneurship to earn a living. Apart from the challenges of setting up a business, entrepreneurs also face the headache of finding suitable and affordable office space. The solution is co-working.

Workstyle Africa describe themselves as a co-working space providing working spaces for startups, entrepreneurs, SMEs, freelancers and consultants. They provide a variety of products including private offices which can accommodate up to 20 people, dedicated co-working desks, flexi co-working desks, daily passes and virtual offices depending on client budget and needs. Services available include free internet, free coffee, tea and water, some free boardroom hours, sufficient free printing and photocopying, and a full-time receptionist who is available to handle mail and receive calls all dependent on the package you choose. There are also meeting rooms available for use charged per hour and an informal lounge area where you can have something to eat and drink over a casual chat.

“Most commercial buildings in prime locations are designed and targeted at large corporations yet most businesses have a staff count of under ten,” said Gladwell Wambui, Workstyle Africa

Sales and Marketing Manager. “ Businesses are seeking flexible work space solutions that don’t involve long leases of five years or more, or additional staff just to keep the place neat and tidy. Both employees and entrepreneurs want to work in a good environment and well-designed spaces that create community and foster collaboration,” she added.

Workstyle Africa creates an environment where different people can meet, network, share ideas and innovate through various collaborations. Workstyle Africa also organizes events for its members allowing them to mingle and create a sense of community.

From its initial branch in Westlands, Workstyle Africa plan to expand to other areas in Nairobi and eventually they look to spread out to the greater East African region. They plan to grow together with their clients. Their first branch provides space for startups, international corporate branch offices, and consulting firms with staff counts of under twenty. As the businesses grow, they will need larger office spaces and longer leases which Workstyle Africa will provide at their other branches.

“Co-working is the way to go. Your costs are cut down, you don’t have to look for furniture, for internet and/or worry about utilities, and moreover you get to network and expand your business through events. Your workload is lightened, you have time to concentrate on your business and grow it as you think out of the box because of sharing ideas,” said Gladwell Wambui, Workstyle Africa Sales and Marketing Manager.

Being an entrepreneur in Kenya has never been so easy. With the products and services provided by Workstyle Africa, entrepreneurs can have a professional space to work from at a reasonable price, a space that not only enables them to grow their business, and collaborate, but also gives them a professional image that will inspire confidence in investors and clients.