Ishi Kalsi Of Ishi Kalsi & Company Advocates

Crossover with Harleen Jabbal began its second season with a conversation with Ishi Kalsi of Ishi Kalsi & Company Advocates.

In the interview, Ishi relates how she got into the law profession, a chance occurrence that came out of her trepidation towards marriage. Ishi turned the chance occurrence into fate, falling in love with the profession and she hasn’t looked back since.

She has had ups and downs in her career as a lawyer. “There have been many situations where you even feel you want to cry but you get up. You just fall and get up again,” says Ishi Kalsi about her profession.

Ishi specializes in matrimonial cases due to her 10 years working for a women and children’s rights activist. In her experience, the divorce rate in the country is increasing. Younger couples are no longer willing to tolerate certain situations at home and after 2 years or so of marriage, they are longer ready to compromise. There is also a lot of interference from parents.  Many children are also suffering from this. There is an effort to try out of court mediation which makes the situation easier for everyone involved.

Ishi also speaks about the existence of corruption in the judiciary which frustrates the entire system. Despite this, Ishi encourages young people to take up law as it is still a respectable and honourable profession.

Her decision to start a family is what led Ishi to set up her own law firm. She needed a balance between work and home life that would have been impossible for her to achieve if she remained employed. Opening her own law firm gave her the balance between career and family life that she was looking for.

Watch Crossover with Harleen Jabbal to find out more about Ishi Kalsi, her journey into law and the important bill to look out for this year. Also, don’t miss out on a new feature this season: the Hot Seat.

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