Karan Gupta, Founder And Director Of Excel Global College

Host Harleen Jabbal of the Crossover Kenya Show sat down with Karan Gupta, the Founder and Director of Excel Global College in the second episode of Season 2 of the show.

Karan founded Excel Global College as a way to combine his passion and profession as well as have something of his own creation. Education to him is a noble profession.

Excel Global College offers one the opportunity to attain international qualifications related to business, accounting and IT courses. The qualifications are internationally recognized opening up employment opportunities on a global scale.

The college has attained a number of achievements since its inception. One of them is that they have achieved Gold Approved Leaning Provider status from ACCA in a short period of time. This achievement is found in only a few other colleges in the country and usually takes a much longer time to achieve.

The ABE course that Excel Global College offers is a business management course which is very useful especially when you consider that most young people nowadays are choosing to start their own businesses. The qualification will help then to run their business in the best possible manner.

Excel Global College sets itself apart from the rest by providing a pass guarantee. If a student fails, they provide lessons for free. They also provide study texts, revision kits, practice exams, mock exams and many other resources for free. This is all to help students increase their pass ratio rate.

Additionally, Excel Global College ensures that there is a job waiting for the students even before they have completed the course. They train the students according to the job market needs to increase their chances at finding employment. The college also takes special care of their students by allowing them to take exams when they are ready. They make personalized timetables depending on a student’s capabilities and allow them to take the exam when they are fully prepared.

For Karan Gupta and Excel Global College, it’s all about providing quality education. Tune in to the Crossover Kenya Show with Harleen Jabbal to find out more about Karan Gupta and Excel Global College.

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