Britain’s Cello Delivers TV Access To Off-Grid Homes

Cello, Britain’s only TV manufacturer has supplied its solar TV to 20,000 homes in off-grid areas across Africa through its partnership with German company Mobisol.

The world’s first integrated solar TV helps deliver affordable off-grid TV access throughout Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda.

The Cello Solar TV includes a built-in Lithium ion battery and a built-in solar controller. It also has its own solar panel which generates enough electricity for more than 12 hours of viewing. The product is of great benefit to off-grid customers who previously powered their TVs with external batteries and external solar controllers.

Financed as a pay-as-you-go method to create low, manageable costs to customers, Cello and Mobisol hope to enable as many people as possible access news and up-to-date information across African nations.