Engaging employees effectively

To ensure organisation goals are met, it is vital for all organisations to keep their employees engaged and motivated.

There is an old adage “Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

It is key for an employer to figure out what their employees strengths are and utilise it in the best way possible. This will not only help the organisation be more effective but go a long way in motivating an employee to fulfil his potential. If the employee is motivated, they give their best and imagine what happens when each and every person is giving their best? The organisation is propelled forwards and upwards.

Another important thing is for organisations to ensure that every employee knows what their path is and how they will advance their careers. To keep your employees engaged, give them new challenges, new opportunities and new confidences to ensure they can meet the challenges. For example, it could be providing job rotation opportunities, if the employee is someone that seeks new learning and new things to do or perhaps assigning stretched goals, if the employee is someone that thrives on meetings targets.

Telling employees what is expected out of them is critical and providing feedback timely, especially constructive advice, positive recognisiton and praise can work wonders in engaging employees. Coaching those who provide feedback is imperative for organisations. It can be executing if the wrong messages filter down.

In today’s day and age, flexibility is getting increasing important. Employees are more connected if they are not worrying about things outside of their workplace. So if an employer can cater to work around the needs of the employees often results in reduction of stress, creates trust and fosters ownership of their role.

Team spirit and working atmosphere relate directly to an employee’s performance. Team that has issues or if the relationships are not good, then their performance will be affected. Therefore, is it central for an organisation to inspire employees to collaborate and cultivate good relationships and build strong teams.

In all, each employee is as an individual with their own dreams, aspiration, strengths, problems and needs and should to be treated as such and not just part of a number. If an organisation can take care of its employees, its employees will take care of the organisation’s goals.




Palak Tewary, along with being an ardent part-time writer, is a travel buff and photography enthusiast. She blogs at www.palaktewary.wordpress.com and tweets/instagrams at @palaktewary.