Sodexo M-Kula: Winner Of Hub Africa Innovation Award

Sodexo is a French company that is the global leader in services that improve Quality of Life. Sodexo operates in 80 countries and serves 75 million consumers daily through its combination of On-site services, Benefits and Rewards services and Personal and Home services.

Sodexo’s entry into Kenya came about due to a change in the law that allowed employers to pay employees Ksh 4,000 a month towards meals, tax free. Employers then had the choice of setting up a cafeteria or canteen which is full of hassles; or they could ask their employees to bring their receipts. This would be difficult as most Kenyans eat in places that do not give out formal receipts.

This is where Sodexo comes in. They provide an electronic meal voucher called M-Kula which the employees can use to pay for meals. M-Kula is Kenya’s first employee meal voucher. It is a completely digital voucher that is easy to use and makes employee feeding transparent and efficient. It also ensures that employees have money for lunch throughout the month and that they use that money for food.

Sodexo’s M-Kula is the winner of this year’s Hub Africa Innovation Award. They beat out over 1,000 applicants to win the award. The Hub Africa Awards seek to recognize the work of committed and courageous entrepreneurs. They give out awards in 7 different categories including the Innovation Award. In regards to the award, Neil Ribiero of Sodexo Kenya conveyed his thanks to Sodexo Portugal for their help in developing the app.


Neil Ribeiro previously appeared on an episode of the Crossover Kenya Show hosted by Harleen Jabbal to speak about M-Kula and its benefits to employers and employees.

You can watch the episode here:

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