Ivory Coast Oct-April cocoa product exports up 3.6 pct

ABIDJAN, May 28 (Reuters) – Ivory Coast exported 259,352 tonnes of semi-finished cocoa products from October to the end of April, up more than 3 percent from the same period a year earlier, provisional port data showed on Monday.

The cocoa season in the world’s top producer runs from October to September.

Following are official figures for cocoa product exports in tonnes, including a breakdown of cocoa powder, butter and chocolate. There was no breakdown for other cocoa derivatives.

Apr 2018 Mar 2018 Apr 2017 Abidjan 19,550 20,643 15,426 San Pedro 14,780 19,223 15,705 Total 34,330 39,111 31,131 Cumulative 259,352 225,022 250,396 from Oct *** Powder Abidjan 2,183 2,546 1,555 *** Butter Abidjan 4,049 5,688 4,097 *** Chocolate San Pedro nil nil nil NOTE: April data for Abidjan is provisional and subject to revision.

(Reporting by Loucoumane Coulibaly Editing by Tim Cocks)