GITS Consulting Services – Accredited CPD Trainers with Engineers Board of Kenya (EBK)

GITS Consulting Services was incorporated in Kenya in 2014 with the aim of providing intelligent infrastructure, technology, agriculture, health care and education solutions for Africa. The company is founded on multi-disciplinary, sustainable and global ideas. Their solutions derive from the Systematic Integrated and Strategic Approach (SISA) to sustainable engineering.

These Solutions are derived from our affiliated Research and Development company, Global Innovations and Technical Solutions (GITS) incorporated in Canada in 2003 to respond to arising sustainability concerns in the field of engineering. Through their talent Optimization (Talenthunt360) and on-demand self-paced learning platforms (IPK360) offering advanced competencies training for engineers their aim is to promote intelligent ICT, technology assessment and selection, environmental and community-driven solutions and services to promote sustainable development.

GITS Consulting Services has recently been accredited by the Engineers Board of Kenya to offer Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training courses.

The Engineers Board of Kenya is a statutory body with the overall mandate of developing and regulating engineering practice in Kenya. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training ensures continued competence for engineers in their profession.

GITS Consulting Services offers a number of CPD training courses:

  1. Preparing for global professional practice: this is a 6-workshop course on the dynamics of engineering practice and regulatory cultures around the world.
  2. Renewable energy applications and incentives: this is a 5-workshop course on renewable forms of energy and the rationale for incentives to develop technologies to promote application of these forms of energy.
  3. Advanced communications training for engineers: a four workshop course calling on professionals to advance their communication skills and covers the changing nature of communications in engineering.
  4. Career planning- Engineering, Environment, ICT: this is a four workshop participant-centred course designed to help engineers seeking to join ICT and environmental fields in search of their dream job.
  5. Integrated Professional Knowledge (IPK360): this is an introductory workshop providing insight into the founding principles of the Integrated Knowledge Platform (IPK360).
  6. The skills gap model of lifelong learning: this is a free workshop that describes a new model of learning that captures the changes on the ground as they happen.

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