Coca-Cola Celebrates Its Seventh Millionaire

Mourice Makhoha from Busia County is the latest millionaire in town after emerging the seventh lucky winner of Kshs 1 million in the ongoing Funga Mamilli na Coca-Cola FIFA World Cup campaign.

The 20 years old casual laborer could not believe his luck when he received a call from the campaign team to disclose the pleasantly surprising news.

“I had just arrived at my work place at a flower farm in Isinya as usual when my phone rang, it’s not often that I get calls, so I was surprised. The caller asked my name and whether I had played the ongoing Funga Mamilli na Coca-Cola promotion, after answering the caller’s questions I was given the good news that I am the winner of Kshs. 1 million in the Funga Mamilli na Coca-Cola promotion,” an excited Mourice narrated.

Mourice has been working at a flower farm in Isinya Kajiado County as a casual laborer to raise money for  college where he plans to pursue an accounting course.

“I bought a Coca-Cola and did not throw away the bottle top, I sent the number on the bottle top to 40111 then forgot about it. I could not believe what the caller was saying. When they called me again I did not pick the call I thought these were the con-men who steal money from people. I thank the Coca-Cola team for being persistent and following up through their teams in Isinya that I believed the news,” he said.

Funga Mamilli na Coca-Cola campaign has so far awarded kshs 1 million each to 7 consumers. The campaign has also awarded Kshs.100, 000 to 32 consumers and flat screen TV sets to 95 winners across the country.

The promotion set to end in July, will award Kshs 1 million to each weekly winner for the next nine weeks.  Other lucky consumers will win Kshs. 100,000, and flat screen TVs weekly besides getting a chance to win daily internet bundles and SMSs.

The products that are part of this promotion include Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Krest or Stoney in either plastic or glass bottles with a white crown available at local retail outlets countrywide.

To participate, consumers must be eighteen years and above as well as be registered users on Safaricom, Airtel, Telkom & Yu.

Every week, draws for the weekly grand prize of Kshs 1 million will be conducted and winners contacted through the mobile phone number 0791087785.