Twaweza Live 2018 Searches For Talent At Meru Town

Judges Musyoka of Decimal records, Modecai of H_ART the band and Bensoul a songwriter and musician entertained at the Safaricom Twaweza Live talent auditions, get by Mark Gichuru a rapper from Meru at Three Steers hotel in Meru.

Over 250 people showed up at Safaricom’s second edition of local talent search in search of raw talent (Musician, Hypemaster and Deejay) from the Mount Kenya and North Eastern Regions at Three Steers Hotel, Meru.

The local talent hunt was held in preparations for the Safaricom Twaweza Live concert which will take place on 23rd of June at Kinoru stadium, Meru County. It had four judges; Eric Musyoka a veteran music producer and founder of Decimal Records, Mordecai, a lead singer and songwriter for H_Art the band, DJ Deff, one of the acclaimed Deejays on Safaricom Twaweza Live and Bensoul, singer, songwriter and performance coach for Safaricom Twaweza Live.

The selected musician will have his or her own song recorded by Musyoka in collaboration with Wahu. The hypemaster will be mentored by famed hypeman MC Alemba whilst Deejay Joe Mfalme will mentor the winner deejay.

The winners will also perform during the Safaricom Twaweza Live in Meru.

“As part of our Twaweza initiatives, Safaricom will also be awarding the top Blazers (18-26 year-olds) for the Rising Star award. Together, we would like to contribute towards the success of our future generation. ” said George Mbyuki- Head of Mt.Kenya and North Eastern Region, Safaricom.

The BLAZE rising star award will go to the first runners up out of each category, these contestants will be awarded KES 30,000 cash from BLAZE, a Blaze flame device and KES 10,000 worth of airtime.

In addition to transforming the community, Safaricom is aiming to build the local entertainment industry.