Blue Band’s Response To Online Video

Blue Band has issued the following response to an online video of ‘non-melting bread spread’:

We wish to reassure consumers and customers that Blue Band products are safe to consume and meet all local and global health guidelines and manufacturing standards. There are two variants of Blue Band: Blue Band Spread for bread and Blue Band Original.

Blue Band spread for bread has been made with specific ingredients so consumers in high temperature climates can enjoy it. These ingredients include emulsifiers, which make the product very stable and prevent it from melting at high temperatures.

Emulsifiers are found in nature and are made from soybeans, sunflower and castor oil. They are commonly used in the manufacturing of food and confectionary. In Blue Band spread for bread, they are used to bind together the fat, water and other ingredients to prevent the spread from melting, which is why the Blue Band spread for bread product did not melt in the video. If Blue Band Original had been used in the same demonstration, it would have melted.

Consumers’ safety and satisfaction are our highest priorities. We are working with our customers and relevant authorities to reassure that Blue Brand products meet all quality and safety standards and are safe for consumers to enjoy.

For any further inquiries contact or call 0800 221 5454 (Toll free)

You can watch a video of how the two Blue Band products are differentiated here: Blue Band Kenya on Twitter