Build up your “App” etite and mo “Tivate” to Enjoy Your Meals

Robert Simiyu, Martha Oduya and Neil Ribeiro of Apptivate Africa

Over a year ago, Crossover with Harleen Jabbal had a chat with CEO Neil Ribeiro over the new and interesting way of paying for employees meals.

Since then, Neil and his team have rebranded from Sodexo to Apptivate Africa. According to Neil he says “Sodexo was difficult to pronounce.  We wanted something that resonated better with what we do – hence the “App” that mo”tivate“s. ”

This is a creative platform which allows Employers to track and provide quality meals to their employees through the use of M-Kula which is an excellent mobile app. M-Kula will be 2 years old this October and is about to reach a clientele of 100 companies.

Apptivate Africa is aiming to reach the whole of the continent and another interesting product that it has included is known as M-Tuza. Neil adds that “today M-Tuza is a product that employers can use to reward their employees or clients.  Soon individuals will be able to gift their friends and relatives.”

M-Tuza is Kenya’s first multi-store gift wallet.  The employer loads the wallet and the employee can spend it across 300 locations.  The merchants include clothes and shoe shops, salons and spas, home décor and appliance shops, wine shops and restaurants.

He had mentioned in our interview that a happy worker is a more productive worker, of course these amazing products will enhance their motivation and improve your working deadlines.