Let’s Go Pineapple says KBL Kenya Cane

EABL area Business Devolpment Manager Alex Njoroge (L) and EABL Trade Execution Manger Mountain region George Karume pose for a photo with the newly launched Kenya Cane Pineaple flavor at Club Image in Thika yesterday.

Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL) has launched a new variant of Kenya Cane, or KC, the country’s most popular cane spirits brand. Kenya Cane Pineapple will join an established list of successful variants, including of KC Smooth, KC Coconut and KC Citrus.

The new variant is inspired by the tropical blend of cane spirit and pineapple, a well-known fruit whose taste is loved by many Kenyans. It delivers perfectly balanced aromas of freshly-cut pineapple, with a silky-smooth, succulent taste.

Kenya Cane, the original cane spirit, has been part of the Kenya’s drink culture since 1976. It commands a strong market share as the leading spirit in the country.

Kenya Cane Pineapple contains 40% alcohol by volume, just like the other KC variants. It is also affordably priced at parity to the rest of the variants at Kes 250/- for the 250ml and Kes 670/- for the 750ml. It will be available for sale in bars, supermarkets, liquor stores and online shopping platforms.

Speaking during the launch, KBL Senior Innovations Manager Victor Kagema noted that Kenya Cane is a dynamic brand that changes with the times to deliver against changing consumers’ needs. It is for this reason that they are continuously introducing new flavours into their portfolio in response to varied consumer tastes and preferences.

“We are delighted to be welcoming Kenya Cane Pineapple to the Kenya Cane family and will continue to innovate with flavors that appeal and resonate with our consumers,” Mr. Kagema said.

Kenya Cane continues to inspire and celebrate Kenyans as they work hard to build themselves and the nation.  The new Pineapple variant is a great addition to the Kenya Cane portfolio and will see the spirit maintain its status as leader in the market.

In its commitment to support the Kenyan entrepreneurial spirit, the brand is currently running a National Consumer Promotion dubbed “Shangilia Hustle Ya Kenya” which is rewarding consumers with Ksh 100,000 capital injection into their businesses.