Turk?sh FMCG giant Hayat Kimya makes entry to kenya with launch of diaper brand, Molfix

 Global FMCG company Hayat Kimya – under Hayat Group, a US$3 billion turnover Turkish conglomerate – has officially launched its operations in Kenya, with the introduction of its leading Molfix baby diaper brand.

Speaking at the launch, Hayat Kimya Global CEO Avni Kigili gave assurance to the company’s commitment to the Kenyan market, with a target of taking market leadership within two years. “Kenya is a developing country, carrying a lot of potential, with her growing, young population, with her strategic location for Central and East of Africa. Hayat would like to be part of this rapidly modernizing and developing country by offering brand quality and innovation with Molfix.

The company targets that one in every three Kenyan babies will wear Molfix diapers within 2 years.

In Kenya, there are 3.5 million babies aged between 0-36 months, who also make up 7.3% of the population. On average, a mother uses four diapers a day on a baby making the annual diaper consumption in Kenya to nearly 800 million, according to research Hayat Kimya shared during launch event.

With this understanding Mr. Kigili added, “We believe that everyone has the right to reach high quality products. Therefore, we offer high quality and affordability with our strong brands.

Hayat Kimya will set off their operations in the market with two varieties of the Molfix diapers; Molfix day and night diapers, and the Molfix baby pants. The pricing of the diapers will start from Ksh20.

During the launch, Hayat Kimya also unveiled Terryanne Chebet as its brand ambassador in Kenya. Ms. Chebet refered to the brands anti-leakage and high absorbency qualities as the reason to her using Molfix for her one year old baby girl, Talaa.

The Molfix baby pants come with unique anatomic-fit technology that perfectly fits babies. Molfix pants ensure comfort for babies along with flexible waist & body system and anti-leakage elastic barriers. Molfix pants make an innovative touch with its wetness indicator that changes color when baby needs a change to ease mother’s life.

The high quality Molfix day and night diapers high absorption power locks in liquid and elastic barries to prevent leakages that keeps babies dry, giving babies and their parents, clean, healthy and happy times.  Also, Molfix increases babies’ comfort with its baby skin-friendly texture, especially with the aloe vera and chamomile extracts providing better experience to both mothers and their young ones. Molfix diapers’ high quality is certified by KEBS, carrying the “diamond-for-quality”, on its packs.

The company employs 8.000 people and operates in 10 subsidiaries across Middle East, Asia and Africa, with 14 global brands in diapers, hygienic pads, detergents and cleansing tissue categories.  Ranked world’s 5th largest branded baby diaper manufacturer and the largest tissue manufacturer in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Africa by capacity, Hayat Kimya is looking to capture the East African market through Kenya.

Hayat Kimya, has accumulated nearly 15 years of extensive experience in African markets with Molfix diapers, leading the category in Nigeria, Cameroon, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco. The company has strong manufacturing power with 14 world-class hygiene, detergent and tissue production plants and exports its global brands Molfix, Bingo, Papia and Familia to more than 100 countries across the world.