Issuing title deeds will continue to increase young investors preference for real estate

Username Investment Ltd. Clients during a Title Issuance Ceremony

A survey done last year by Enwealth Financial Services in partnership with Strathmore University revealed that 62.8 per cent of Kenyans opt for land and real estate when it comes to securing future investments. The survey sampled out average Kenyans from the top and middle income earners who are majorly professionals and self-employed people who have savings and are planning to invest.

As the year begins, investors continue to look out for the best places to invest in land, however, preference will be given to real estate companies who have been keen on ensuring that clients sign the legal documents involved in land transfer. Signing of legal documents assures clients that they will receive their title deeds at the end of their investment. A title deed empowers individuals to develop their property without any legal constraints.

In summary:

  • Issuance of title deeds boosts the overall confidence of young investors in real estate.
  • If real estate companies continue to offer genuine land, investors will have the ability to develop the land or resell it comfortably in future.
  • Username Investments has issued over 5,500 title deeds to clients who have invested in over 31 projects across the country.

In an effort to empower the low and middle income earners with investment opportunities, Username Investments has been keen on ensuring that clients sign Offer Letters, Sale Agreements and Title Transfer Form. This is followed by delivery of title deeds. Widely known as A Tradition of Trust, the Company prides in having delivered over 5,500 title deeds to clients who are middle and low income earners and have invested in over 31 projects done since establishment in 2013.

The Company recently launched a new project referred to as Greenfields- Kangundo Road. This was driven by continued preference of the area due to upcoming infrastructural developments such as the anticipated construction of the Greater Southern bypass. The recent completion of dualling of Outer Ring Road has also helped to ease traffic between city centre and Kangundo Road adding to convenient access of the area making it ideal for every young investor.

Before considering purchasing any piece of property, Username Investments ensures that the land has a genuine title deed from the vendor before the land is subdivided and offered to investors. This is made possible through intensive title deed search at the Lands Registry by the Company’s Lawyers and involvement of the surrounding community who may be aware of the property history.

In conclusion, investors should also be keen to ensure they follow the laid down procedures of acquiring land which includes conducting a title deed search, physical visits to the property and signing legal documents. This way they will be able to reap benefits of their preferred investment in real estate.

By Reuben Kimani

The writer is the CEO, Username Investment Limited