Username Investments Employee of the Year Rewarded

Joseph Gitonga, Head of Sales & Marketing, Username Investments awarding the grand prize winner of the day

Username Investments awarded one of their staff with a brand new car for outstanding performance during the 2018/2019 Company’s Financial Year. This was during The 2019 Thamini Awards dinner held at Panari Hotel. This was one of the 10 prizes that were won by different staff members from various categories across departments. The theme for this year’s event was “Celebrating Excellence”.

Thamini Awards is an Annual Internal Human Resource Program that seeks to recognize and reward outstanding performance of Username Investment staff.

“At Username Investments, we have a culture of appreciating our staff members more often. We have a monthly program dubbed, Employee of the Month that recognizes monthly outstanding performances across departments. Thamini Awards is the overall annual award session after the close of our financial year. The word “Thamini” is a Swahili word meaning to value and at Username, we value each staff member”. Reuben Kimani, CEO, Username Investment Ltd. said during the award session.

The grand prize winner was described as ‘a self-driven heroin, industrious and confident leader who has led the Sales Department with wisdom and humility. From the early days of the business when she joined, she has served her customers with great zeal and dedication. She goes out of her way to ensure customers have a first class Customer Experience. Her performance every month is not in doubt to all. Her hard work, outstanding performance and self-drive remains unmatched.” Joseph Gitonga, Director of Sales & Marketing said as he announced the eagerly awaited grand prize winner.

 “I am humbled by this win, thank you Username Management for this recognition. I am proud to be part of this Company where employees’ efforts and achievements are uniquely appreciated. The Management has provided me with all the tools I need for my work and the only thing I can do is to work hard. Thank you fellow Sales Team members for your support and Team work that has made us come this far”. Tears of joy began to flow as Dorina spoke after receiving her grand prize as Username Staff members cheered her for the well-deserved win.

There were 10 awards to be won which included: A Fully paid holiday for 2 to Thailand, A Fully paid holiday for 2 to Dubai, various Fully paid holidays to Mombasa on Flight, various prices of  Fridges,  50 Inch LED HD Smart TVs, Smartphones and Shopping Vouchers.

The CEO thanked the over 50 young, dedicated, highly skilled, professional workforce in Username who have been in the forefront to offer the best service in the real estate sector that has seen the Company gather over seven awards in the industry for exemplary performance.