Bonafi, Inc. Inks Deal with Kobelli, an Online Diamond Retailer

Steve Kuh, CEO of Bonafi

Bonafi, Inc., a blockchain company dedicated to solving the problem of counterfeit products by providing authenticity services for online goods, announced that it is partnering with Kobelli, a fine jewelry manufacturer and e-commerce brand that offers diamond and moissanite encrusted pieces along with other premium gemstones. This new approach in the online retailing of high-end jewelry e-commerce will allow Bonafi to provide certificates of authenticity through the use of blockchain technology.

Bonafi supplies a physical hardware tag that is securely encrypted in silicon with cryptography which pairs the data with an immutable digital ledger.  Bonafi’s solution tracks all specified items in the supply chain and makes the data readily available to consumers for accountability and accuracy.

“We are excited about this joint venture with Kobelli.  We are confident that Bonafi’s solution will provide improved traction, brand satisfaction, and increased customer rewards through our blockchain-based authenticity solution,” said Steve Kuh, CEO of Bonafi.