Aximetria Announces AxiDrop

 Aximetria, a crypto-centric personal finance app of the future, releases its stunning new AxiDrop feature. This will enable its customers to make instant money transactions in cryptocurrency, including stablecoins, and fiat to anyone in the world, to any mobile phone number, regardless of which banking apps they already possess, if any at all, and whether they are Aximetria customers or not. While traditional banks enable transfers within their own systems or between partnering banks only, Apple, Google and other platforms already provide the possibility of sending fiat payments to a mobile phone number but these are limited to their own ecosystems. Aximetria takes it to the next level and makes it possible – for the first time in the finance industry and under Swiss regulation, to send crypto to a mobile phone number – even if the sender does not possess cryptocurrency. The launch of AxiDrop resonates with Aximetria’s product development strategy to cover the most common needs of its users and reach 4.5 billion of the global population underserved by traditional banks.

According to the report provided by Zion Market Research, the global digital remittance market continues to grow and is expected to reach $8.61 billion by 2025. Nevertheless, it still has many shortcomings, especially for the receiving party. As a rule, the transmitting party is well digitized, while the receiving side usually is not. The problem of equalization cannot be achieved with fiat money in a traditional banking system, since it is technically impossible to open an account for a recipient in a bank for him or her, but in the case of cryptocurrency this is possible. AxiDrop from Aximetria solves this problem by creating maximum digitization opportunities on both sides of the corridor and balances the process.

“AxiDrop is one of the best examples of a mobile monetary transmission using the advantages of cryptocurrency for users who, for various reasons – whether lack of digitization, infrastructure, unbanked recipient or other factors – are forced to look for an alternative to the traditional banking options used to send money domestically or abroad. Aximetria also solved one of the most common shortcomings of cryptocurrency transmissions – volatility, which may lead to the reduction of the amounts sent during the transmission. With Aximetria, the money can be sent by using stablecoins which guarantee the invariability of the volume funds being sent and received. Helping people worldwide to implement their plans and wishes, Aximetria supports their financial needs when traditional banking tools are unavailable, expensive, or inconvenient,” said Alexey Ermakov, CEO and founder of Aximetria.

Aximetria data shows especially massive growth in crypto usage in Latin America, most commonly for savings and remittances, where the Aximetria app is in particular demand for cross-border transfers. Other popular regions include Russia, India and African countries. With Aximetria, you can securely and reliably open a digital account remotely under Swiss regulation. You can easily buy and sell all currencies in the application, and also convert them to cryptocurrencies, including stablecoins. All these assets are safe in your wallet in the same app. You can complete the registration and onboarding process in a few clicks and access global markets – all from your smartphone.

As the most rapidly developing and innovative fintech startup that has evolved from an idea to a product in just 11 months, Aximetria’s growth metrics have exceeded fintech benchmarks, growing organically by 60%. In particular, the cost of attracting the user (CAC) is USD $1.60, compared to the market average of $6.93, and conversion from installation to registration is in line with the market average of 27%. Being awarded a financial intermediary license recognized by Switzerland’s Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), Aximetria is fully compliant with Switzerland’s anti-money laundering laws, which were crafted to stop cyber criminals from laundering fiat and crypto-currencies via trading platforms and online digital wallets.

Benefiting people around the world underserved by traditional banks, Aximetria is committed to providing Swiss-level finance services to global consumers in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. Unlike European neo-banks offering traditional currencies only to Europeans, Aximetria continues to adhere to the policy of providing high-quality, stable and secure financial instruments globally. This year the company will also extend its services to B2B payments.