The Dandora Diamonds

Harleen Jabbal, Director of Crossover Kenya with the team of Be The You and the “Diamonds of Dandora”

There is one sport in the world that everyone can easily play, football. Imagine if it can also transform lives?

That is exactly what is happening at the Be The You foundation located in Dandora.

This place is more popular for its huge piles of garbage and waste, where children as young as 2 years old are running around in their innocence and older children are warding off temptations from the drug cartels.

Be The You foundation decided to take matters into their own feet by starting a sports league to empower the kids from the ages of 5 years up to 21 years old. They however are especially focusing on the girl child because they believe if she can get a chance to get an education and pursue a football career she can bring up a family easily.

“I visited them and was very inspired to hear the courage and determination the kids had to make it in life,” said Harleen Jabbal, Director of Crossover Kenya Ltd. She was on a mission to see their setup and learn their story on Monday 2nd September 2019.

So here is the story, they are currently supporting about 85 children in Dandora and their office incidentally is right behind the newly built Dandora Stadium, which has been recently renovated by Governor of Nairobi, Mike Sonko.

“They” are Vero, Victor, Peter, Derrick and Makokha and they have jobs which they are using to support the foundation.

Football they believe is the easiest but fun game. It has low start up costs but high in inspiration and use of time productively. They want the children to keep up with their education and pursue their dreams, stay away from drugs and crime.

“I like their approach because they also speak to the parents of the children, to enlighten them on the possible change they are trying to bring in their child,” said Harleen Jabbal.

It is important to make the parents aware and get their permission so that they can get involved and contribute especially morally.

The Be The You Team has been successfully in winning various football league and looks to go further. They need your kind assistance, these “Diamonds of Dandora” can definitely progress if you send them your love too. They want to keep their kids in school and play as many matches as possible with as best kits and training equipment as possible.

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